thank you to everyone who has
supported this project

* * * * * * * *

My sincere gratitude to all the generous patrons who supported this book project through pledges and preorders. Your enthusiasm for this project through the past three years has been much appreciated and has carried me through some challenging times. Thank you to Correy Baldwin for editing the book. Thank you to my husband, Glen Dresser, and son, Finley, for sharing my love of words and pictures — and for allowing me to follow my passions and obsessions without question.

The longer I spent on creating the book, the more perfect I wanted it to be. As the book hovered near completion these past few months, I didn't want to rush to the finish line. I sent the files to the printer knowing that I put my utmost into all aspects of the book: from the design, variety of images, writing and captions and production standards. I've increased the page count, upgraded the paper quality, gone for a thicker board for the cover, created a surprise insert booklet, selected a gorgeous dark linen book cover wrap, decided on a beautiful two-toned headband, specified a gold foil stamping for the spine... In the end, all these decisions will result in the nicest quality book possible. 

When I began three years ago, I didn't know the project would take so long. But my intention for this book has always been to create an encompassing and impressive tome of typewriter ephemera. So in the grand scheme of that larger history, I guess a few years of hard work isn't so much after all!